Ice Cube educates Bill Maher on the use of the n-word


Bill Maher

Bill Maher made his return to television this week amid the huge shit storm he brought upon himself due to his careless use of the n-word the week prior. Ice Cube, Symone D. Sanders and Michael Eric Dyson appeared on Real Time giving their very candid responses to Maher who apologized in the show’s opening saying he did “a bad thing”.

However it was Ice Cube who put a lot into perspective as he taught Maher a very real lesson in the usage of that particular word.

Whether you agree or not with Ice Cube and the word being used at all is one thing. However Ice Cube’s lesson to Maher and the rest of the Nation is a good, simplistic starting point for the non-African American society. Especially those who may take too many liberties with the word because they happen to have some black friends.

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