Hillary Clinton: If Republican’s pass repeal and replace “they’re the death party”


Hillary Clinton

With the Senate heath care bill perhaps dead on arrival after a number of republican senators have said they wouldn’t support the legislation, former democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has weighed in.

However not only did Hillary Clinton give her two-cents on a bill that may eliminate coverage for millions of Americans and prove catastrophic for insurance companies, Clinton referred to the GOP as the “death party” if they somehow pass the bill:

Clinton’s tweet came in response to American Progress president Topher Spiro proclaiming the proposed law couldĀ result in 18,000 to 28,000 deaths in 2026.

The former secretary of state’s tweet also came after the 44th president Barack Obama said in a social media post that the heath care of American goes beyond politics:

Americans and members of the Senate will get a better indication next week of the impact this proposed piece of legislation will play when the CBO is expected to release their score on the matter. Meanwhile it all may be a lost cause as moderate and conservative republicans still can’t seem to come to terms on draft. Nor can they avoid the horrible optics of capital police dragging protestors in wheelchairs out from the Capital.

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