GOP senators willing to continue to hold the SCOTUS hostage if Hillary Clinton wins



As the GOP holds the supreme court hostage by continuing to be unwilling to vet any justice nominee Barack Obama puts forth, it appears some Republican senators will continue to do that same exact thing if Hillary Clinton is elected president.

According to the Associated Press, republican senators like Richard Burr of North Carolina are going to do anything and everything to make sure the Supreme Court is rendered useless in the event of a stalemate between the remaining justices.

What’s amazing is it’s usually the right wing clamoring for smaller government and touting the will of the people which was the basis of the GOP’s argument when blocking Merrick Garland from taking¬†Antonin Scalia‘s seat. Yet politicians like Senator Burr continue to show their true colors and hypocrisy when the will of the people will be upheld so long as it’s their party’s will and agenda that win out.

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