The GOP House Intelligence Committee Chair basically said Trump’s wiretapping claims are bullshit



We haven’t heard much from Donald Tump himself in regards to his accusatory tweets a couple of weeks ago saying that President Obama wiretapped his phones prior to last November’s election. Of course Trump offered up no evidence – a staple of his administration who has coined the phrase ‘alternative facts’.

And since those accusations were made pubic by Trump, everyone has been wondering where his claims were coming from. Of course we know No. 45 has been focused-in on his alt-right websites like Breitbart however unfortunately that’s not good enough for the House Intelligence Committee, especially when they’re questioning whether or not an investigation is going to waste their time.

For instance today, Rep. Devin Nunes – the chair of the GOP House Intelligence Committee and noted Trump supporter came out today and said he doesn’t think “there was an actual tap of Trump Tower” and there there’s “no evidence that (the tap) took place’.

Additionally, Nunes and Democratic representative Adam Schiff also mentioned that FBI director James Comey will attend a March 20th open hearing into the claims with a second hearing happening on March 28th just in case witnesses couldn’t make the first hearing. The problem with those dates, when it comes to Trump is he now has until Monday to really get evidence together and just not some asinine claims showing he was actually wiretapped by the Obama administration. Otherwise Trump will have to pull back on the claim.

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