A former Miss Universe has become a U.S. citizen to join the fight against Donald Trump


Donald Trump

Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado is looking to enact a little revenge on the GOP presidential loudmouth with ridiculous hair Donald Trump.

Machado – who was born in Venezuela – obtained her U.S. citizenship this past Friday meaning she’ll be eligible to vote in the upcoming presidential election this November.

That revenge I spoke of earlier will be Machado voting for Hillary Clinton after Donald Trump said Machado was an ‘eating machine’ on a past episode of the Howard Stern Show.

Machado was crowned Miss Universe back in 1996 when Trump still owned the pageant. Shortly after her crowning she allegedly gained 40 pounds and according to rumors was in danger of having her crown stripped.

In typical misogynist fashion Trump continued the public insults of Machado and forced her to attend a gym, even inviting the media to film her working out.

But this is something Trump will get away with as well then continue to complain about how unfair the media is against him.


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