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Five dead and 40 injured in London terror attack



Five have been killed and 40 were injured in what is being called a terror attack right outside the Parliament building in London.

Among the dead is the alleged attacker and a police officer who local media outlets have identified as 48-year-old Keith Palmer, a 15 year veteran.

Palmer was killed when the assailant – who was apparently known by police – fatally stabbed him at Westminster. This came after the perpetrator drove a car into pedestrians on Westminster bridge before crashing it into a fence. Gunfire was returned on the attacker while Parliament as well as Buckingham Palace was placed on lockdown. British prime minister Theresa May was rushed away from the scene outside of the Parliament building and later called the incident a ‘sick and depraved’ attack.

Again, authorities are calling this a terror attack and are continuing to gather information on

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