Federal appeals court has continued to block Donald Trump’s Muslim Ban


Muslim Ban

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The 9th circuit court of appeals out of San Francisco has decided to continue to block Donald Trump’s travel ban targeting seven predominately Muslim countries.

In a 29-page document, three judges on that court decided against the Trump executive order and in favor of a federal judge who issued a temporary stay against the ban last week.

Thursday’s 3-0 ruling was the latest loss for the Trump administration after being initially met by strong backlash from the public on their unconstitutional let alone sloppy execution of the executive order.

Unfortunately today’s ruling won’t be the end of this ongoing immigration saga.

The White House still has plenty of options to get the Muslim Ban passed which includes withdrawing the current executive order, revising it then re-submit and attempt to fix the un-constitutionality of it. The Trump administration may also opt to press the 9th circuit court to review their own ruling hoping to perhaps overrule themselves.

The 9th circuit court is also overseen by Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy who may essentially overrule the three judges original ruling or bring it to the Supreme Court which is most likely to happen. However with the high court still only consisting of eight justices, a tie by the four republican appointed justices and four democratic appointed justices would defer the ruling back down to the lower court.

Nonetheless President Bannon and his orange puppet clearly aren’t ready to give this up.

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