So far it’s sounding like Donald Trump is going to fill his administration with swamp water


Donald Trump

So much for “drain(ing) the swamp” of Washington if the early speculation of the Donald Trump administration is in fact true. In fact it looks like Donald Trump is taking directly from the so-called swamp of Washington’s career politicians and special interest peddle pushers.

According to various reports, Trump may be looking to round out his administration and cabinet with many of those who stood by his side during his campaign. Which in and of itself is understandable… hell they all had a hand in winning him the election. However one of the big promises of now president-elect Trump was ending the corruption in Washington by draining the metaphorical swamp.

So who’s rumored to be on the list for the Trump administration?

Well first leading Trump’s transition team is vice president Mike Pence who is by all means NOT a Washington outsider. Pence though takes over from Chris Christie who couldn’t be considered an “outsider” either.

But the cabinet? How about senator Jeff Sessions whose been working in Washington since the mid 90’s as Secretary of Defense?

For Secretary of State Tennessee senator (since 2007) Bob Corker has been mentioned as well as former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Meanwhile, former Mayor of New York and longstanding republican party member Rudy Guiliani has been rumored to become Attorney General while New Jersey governor Chris Christie (Trump couldn’t fully forget about him) is being considered for Secretary of Homeland Security.

But don’t worry everyone, Trump isn’t leaving out the special interest…

For Treasury Secretary the president-elect is considering Goldman Sachs veteran Steven Mnuchin while the 74-year old founder of Lucas Oil Forrest Lucas may be the next Secretary of the Interior.

Other names being considered for various roles include, former Alaska governor and possibly illiterate Sarah Palin, RNC chair Reince Priebus (some outsider huh?) and Breitbart chief Steve Bannon who is probably the biggest outsider of the bunch but perhaps also the most toxic due to his affiliations with the alt right website.

If this is what’s it’s going to be and again this isn’t confirmed, it’s going to be hard to drain that swamp when you’re filling it back up with the same swamp water.

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