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Donald Trump’s Hillary Clinton ‘Star of David’ meme was probably created by White Supremacists


Donald Trump continued to drop hints that he’s a bigot this weekend when he tweeted out this meme of Hillary Clinton entitled ‘most corrupt candidate ever’. That tagline though appeared in what looked to be the all familiar Jewish ‘Star of David’ on top of a pile of money.

Donald Trump

Trump eventually deleted the tweet and replaced it with a modified version of the meme this time without the star.

Now whether it was Trump who decided to remove the tweet or someone else within the campaign there was obviously enough outcry to get the presumptive GOP presidential nominee to move back on the original post, something he rarely does. And given its obvious offensive nature, Trump still hasn’t issued an apology to the Jewish people further alienating another voting base in the United States.

Then there were the origins of the meme itself.

Yes Donald Trump was the one who made it go viral however his Twitter timeline wasn’t the first place it popped up on the web. According to, the meme first made its appearance on /pol/ a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi message board back on June 22nd, a full week before the Trump campaign tweeted the image out.

And when it comes to who probably created the meme the Trump Campaign seemed to of done a nice job of cropping the digital paper trail.

The original meme that showed up on the Neo-Nazi message board had a watermark down in the lower left corner reading @FishBoneHead1

Donald Trump

If you look into that Twitter handle a little more you’ll find no shortage of racially insensitive and blatantly bigoted memes.

What may be interesting too is the Trump Campaign just put a red circle over the star as you can still see the points when you look up close.

Bottom line you may be able to draw a few conclusions from this. A) the Trump campaign is extremely careless when vetting the content they choose to use off the internet. B) Donald Trump is actually a bigot and this latest Twitter gaffe (if you want to even call it that) is just another spoke on the divisive, bigoted wheel that is the Trump campaign. Or C) all of the above.

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