Donald Trump’s false narrative on refugees entering the United States


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Donald Trump is full of shit in many aspects concerning his campaign for president of the United States. Jeff Stein of VOX did an excellent job highlighting that after the presumptive GOP presidential nominee spewed more fallacies during a Monday press conference in the wake of the horrendous Orlando shootings that killed 49 innocent people and injured over 50.

Whether it was continually¬†spreading the notion that Hillary Clinton will take away people’s guns or that the Orlando shoot Omar Mateen was an ‘Afghan‘ (despite being born in Queens, New York to Afghan immigrants) it was a typical Trump presser full of his primordial BS.

And because the Orlando shooter’s parents were immigrants Trump continued to rehash his absurd notion of banning all Muslims from entering the United States while highlighting specifically the Syrian refugees and the perceived lax process they undergo to enter the Country.

Again, the Orlando shooter wasn’t a refugee nor was he an immigrant so the relationship Trump seems to try to make is simply false on those grounds alone. However his continued badgering at the United States taking in Syrian refugees because it’ll be a modern-day ‘trojan horse’ or pointing to what happened in Paris during the nightclub attacks is too within itself just flat-out wrong.

First the open borders in Europe are already a mess which is a European problem and has nothing to do with the United States. Second I’m not sure Donald Trump is fully aware of the vetting process that all refugee’s go through when entering the U.S.. The department of Citizenship and Immigration Services has outlined the extensive process when it comes to vetting and admitting not just Syrian refugees but again all refugees, a process that involves multiple institutions including the United Nations, National Counter Terrorism Center, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, the State Department and the Department of Defense and could take months to complete.

The USCIS also has a video outlining the process of vetting refugees entering the country:

In all fairness, Trump isn’t the only one spewing his xenophobia to the American public. Railing against admitting Syrian refugees on a platform of fear was an idea spread by other candidates on the right during this turbulent political season. It’s just you’d think Mr. Trump would take the time to sit down and understand the process of admitting and vetting refugees into he country since he’s a general election away from the presidency.

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