Donald Trump rushed off the stage by the Secret Service at Reno event


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by the secret service during rally in Reno tonight.

According to eyewitness reports, someone in the crowd shouted that an individual near the front of the rally had a gun which prompted the USSS to jump into action as well as a number of Trump supporters who helped detain the suspect… who ended up not having a weapon after all.

Via the Guardian:

“I saw a man to my right and then it looked like a fight broke out,” said Michael Newton, 45, who helped detained the man. “There were four or five guys on top of him. Then the people on top of him shouted “he’s got a gun, he’s got a gun”. That’s when I also jumped on top of him to help we were all shouting to alert the Secret Service.”

Other individuals point to a possible civil war incident within the Republican party:

Trump also released the following statement:

This marks the second time Trump had to be rushed off the stage at an event. Back in March the Secret Service had to surround Trump after someone breached the barrier in front of the stage. Back in June a British man also tried to steal a police officers gun and shoot the GOP presidential nominee.

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