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Donald Trump reaffirms weak stance on White Supremacy in America


Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is either a bigot, a coward or totally tone deaf when it comes to the continued redevelopment of white supremacy in the United States.

This was further affirmed Monday morning when it took Trump just 54 minutes to issue out a direct attack against Ken Frazier after the Merck CEO stepped down from the President’s American Manufacturing Council. Frazier’s decision to leave the council came after Trump’s incredibly weak response to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

It was during Trump’s initial response that the President once again failed to directly target White Supremacy and Neo-Nazi’s in their actions and instead drew parallels with groups counter protesting the racists stances in Charlottesville.

In any sense, Donald Trump continues to tip-toe around the issues of White Supremacy, despite his call to address specific threats head on. Namely, Trump has criticized Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the past for not directly saying “radical Islamic terrorism” when discussing World terrorism.

Hypocritically, Trump is doing the same thing here – according to his own rhetoric in the past- ironically enough too when a White Supremacist used ISIS-like tactics to mow down demonstrators resulting in several injuries and the death of an American citizen.

But can any rational thinking person really be surprised?

This is the same President that has named guys to his administration like Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and Sebastian Gorka – all of whom have had ties to either the alt-right or group supremacy groups in the past.

UPDATE: Almost 48 hours after his first address in New Jersey on Saturday, Donald Trump finally addressed the putrid actions of the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s in the United States.

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