Donald Trump is now claiming the media is ‘the enemy’ of the American people


Donald Trump

One day after Donald Trump launched orange missiles into the news media at one of the most contentions pressers of his four-week presidency, the Oompa-Lompa in Chief took to Twitter to once again lay into the media.

But this time in a much more irresponsible manner.

There you go, the President of the United States clearly telling the American people who one of the greatest institutions of our free society, the press, is their enemy. Which is kind of ironic because I can’t recall even once Trump calling the Russian government an enemy of the state and the American people especially when you consider they way they hacked the presidential election.

But it didn’t stop with a tweet.

Trump apparently sent this email blast out to his supporters yesterday telling the American people once again they’re the ‘last line of defense’ against the ‘media’s hit jobs’.

So there you have it, right from the President’s mouth. The American people are the enemy of the American people and the media seems to be right on par with ISIS.

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