Donald Trump is a HUGE hypocrite who still can’t spell


Donald Trump

Photo: Star Tribune

In light of the World learning Al Franken is a pervert and a guy who divulges into sexual assault, Chief buffoon Donald Trump couldn’t help himself. He had to chuck some stones despite living in his own glass house.

Have a look as John Kelly gets that “thousand yard stare”:

Aside from spelling “Frankenstein” wrong, the “grab them by the pussy” President actually weighed in on Franken while radio silence continues to pretty much be the front for the White House when it comes to Roy Moore.

And don’t get me wrong, Al Franken deserves to be ousted from the senate just like Moore has no business running for Alabama’s vacant senate seat.

But when it comes to Donald Trump, is he a complete ignoramus or “big league” hypocrite?

Trick question… he’s both.


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