Donald Trump gave Angela Merkel an ‘invoice’ for alleged NATO dues



Donald Trump continues to embarrass America after his first meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel earlier this month.

During the meeting, it’s now being reported the U.S. President handed Merkel a £300 billion ‘invoice’ for alleged dues owed to NATO.

Here’s VICE with the details:

In a bizarre stunt, President Trump reportedly handed German Chancellor Angela Merkel an invoice for more than $374 billion to cover military defense costs when they met in Washington last week. U.K. newspaper the Sunday Times reports the bill was meant to illustrate the amount, in Trump’s own estimation, that Germany has failed to spend on defense under a NATO agreement.

I’m sure Trump supporters will find this great instead of a total head shaking moment since the orange baby doesn’t seem to understand NATO and the fact that it isn’t one of his overpriced country clubs. First none of the 28-member countries are required to pay ‘dues’ since it’s a treaty. Second Trump’s calculations, which date back to 2002 are based on a misleading assumption that Germany isn’t paying money ‘owed’ to NATO. Again no one is suppose to make payments to NATO, what Trump is trying to refer to is the two percent of a nations GDP that is suppose to go to defense. Their own defense, not NATO’s as a whole.

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