Donald Trump is banning transgender people from the military


Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Donald Trump is once again at his with his backwards agenda.

In an early morning twitter statement, Trump announced that transgender individuals would not be allowed to serve the United States military in any capacity citing some absurd and asinine medical cost excuse.

It’s still unbelievable the same individual who dodged the draft because of heel spurs now has the capability to make asinine military decisions like this. Or you can put this into perspective like this; Donald Trump is effectively saying that if you’re willing to die for the United States of America (something he was never willing to do) but happen to be transgender your service and sacrifice simply isn’t worth the trouble or in any sense good enough. That’s what the 45th President of the United States is telling you.

What’s truly sad is the progress we’ve made in this country is slowly being engulfed by a metaphorical dark age in the oval office.


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