Donald Trump acceptance speech: ‘Americanism not Globalism’, build that wall and a dark America


Donald Trump

Donald Trump formally accepted the Republican Party‘s nomination Thursday night in the conclusion of the Republican National Convention from Cleveland. And in the longest speech since Bill Clinton‘s 1996 acceptance speech that lasted just over an hour, Donald Trump spoke to the GOP contingent for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

It was also during that hour and fifteen minutes that the now GOP Presidential nominee painted a very bleak and dark picture of America, the same tone that effectively won him the Republican primary. Donald Trump once again appealed to the fears of the American people instead of their hopes speaking of illegal immigrants that could kill you in the streets, ‘radical islamic’ terrorists and an out of control crime rate that doesn’t seem to fall in line with the actual statistics.

Trump also took on a Nationalistic tone speaking of ‘Americanism and not Globalism’, ripping up trade deals, drawing back on NATO seemingly referring to it as a business deal instead of a 70-plus year old treaty.

The Republican candidate also didn’t hold back on making a lot of promises with not a lot of specifics when it came to abolishing Obamacare, putting people back to work, making the military stronger, lowering taxes and so on and so forth.

Instead of Ronald Regan, Donald Trump’s speech was being compared to that of Ricard Nixon and the ‘silent majority’ and in some cases drawing comparisons to the incredibly divisive George Wallace.

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