Don Lemon isn’t having any of John Fredericks’ bullshit


Don Lemon

Donald Trump has faced plenty of backlash after the 71-year-old man-child was apparently throwing a fit in the oval office over TPS immigrants. So much so the President of the United States referred to countries on the African continent and Haiti as ‘shitholes’.

Unfortunately at this point, the BS the emanates from the shithole (thanks Vicente Fox!) that is the President’s mouth is no longer surprising. This is the Donald Trump that was advertised during the campaign and ultimately it seemed pretty naive to think that a 71-year-old man was going to change.

What’s remains surprising though is the way the Trump talking heads continue to go to bat for him, while defending every last bit of utter nonsense, asinine statements or bigoted rhetoric that comes out of his shithole. This includes professional ass clown John Fredericks who was promptly shut down by Don Lemon, not for really trying to explain Trump’s position, but for being a total fucking douche bag.

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