Some Confederate flag waiving asshole killed two cops in Iowa


Police across the country are on the look out for this guy, 46-year old Scott Michael Greene who’s wanted in connection with the ambush-style killings of two Des Moines police officers early Wednesday morning.

According to reports, the two officers were shot while sitting in their patrol cars in two separate locations roughly one-mile apart and between the times of 1-1:30 AM central time.

The suspect, Scott Michael Greene is listed at 5-feet-11 and and 180-pounds. He has brown hair, green eyes and was last seen driving a 2011 Blue Ford F150.

Anyways, here’s the douche bag apparently waiving the Confederate flag in front of a bunch of African Americans at a football game last month. Hmm… but I thought only black people hate the police?

UPDATE: Police have taken Scott Michael Greene into custody.

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