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CNN clearly walking on egg shells after firing Reza Aslan


Reza Aslan

After calling Donald Trump a “piece of shit” on Twitter, “Believer” host on CNN Reza Aslan was fired on the network and his show cancelled after one season.

Aslan’s remarks towards Trump came after the U.S. President used the London terror attacks as an opportunity to further push his xenophobic Muslim ban. In the aftermath, Aslan apologized the day after but it was too late as the network would fire him less than a week later.

Aslan also released a statement on his dismissal:

Aslan’s firing comes less than two weeks after the network let go of Kathy Griffin for a photo shoot depicting herself holding a faux severed head resembling Donald Trump. It also comes amid the turmoil over at Fox News who have had trouble with sexual harassment complaints towards former late executive Roger Ailes and former host Bill O’Reilly.

In part, CNN obviously wants to avoid any similar criticism that may be directed towards them. Especially in the sense they’re already fighting a battle against Donald Trump and his rabid base. Still though some on Twitter were quick to point out Bill Maher keeping his job at HBO after his use of the n-word last week. HBO and CNN are both owned by Time Warner which makes things a little more ironic. Not to mention CNN was the same network to hire former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after he assaulted former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

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