Chris Christie got into an argument with a constituent after placing his vote (VIDEO)


Chris Christie

Photo: @NYTnickc

Embattled New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is clearly a politician who’s counting down the days before he leaves office. Likewise New Jersey residents very well may be doing the same given the Governor’s 15-percent approval rating which may rival the number of people who approve getting a colonoscopy because I’m sure you at least get drugs to numb the pain.

For many New Jersey residents there may not have been a metaphorical pain-killer to ease what they went through during the Christie era.

Anyways, as Christie ran out of fucks to give long ago when it came to running his state or talking with Voters, the soon-to-be former Governor managed to get into an argument with a constituent because why the hell not?

Here’s the back-and-forth between the two over Christie not merging his two towns.

In typical Christie fashion, his retort is filled with sarcasm which probably drills any final nails into his political coffin.


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