A bar customer at Hooters took video of their nasty ass kitchen



Photo: Virginia Beach Visitors Guide

Hooters has never been a restaurant to shy away from its trashiness which is a gimmick the wings chain has pretty much worn like a badge of honor. However shying away from trashiness has apparently caught on with their overall cleanliness of their kitchen which was caught by a bar patron on camera.

In a video by Kurt Fortner Jr. via ViralHog.com, visual evidence shows why you probably never want to go to another Hooters again.

I’m guessing there’s plenty of restaurants out there that look like this… behind the scenes. Again, what may be the most concerning about the video (aside from the utter nastiness) is their lack of shame when you consider it being out in the open for any customer to see.

h/t: Ebaums World

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