BAH GAWD! Jim Ross calls John McCain’s thumbs down Skinny Repeal vote on the Senate Floor


John McCain

The big news in the early Friday morning hours was the Skinny Bill on the Senate floor crashing and burning in some of the most dramatic fashion for Capital Hill.

If you’re wondering what the Skinny Bill was, it was the majority of the GOP‘s half-assed attempt to stick to agenda and repeal Obamacare, despite having seven years to thoughtfully come together on a bill that everyone could agree on but more importantly not completely fuck over the American people.


Longtime republican senator John McCain, who effectively along with GOP counterparts Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski had the deciding votes to sink the bill, did so. However  it was McCain, battling brain cancer and all who delivered the most dramatic vote on the floor with a vehement thumbs down as he appeared to stare down Mitch McConnell before heading back to his seat.

Here’s former WWE announcer Jim Ross with the call which undoubtedly makes the moment that more intense.

McCain just needs some beer and a top rope to stand on.

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