AUDIO: Donald Trump aide Paul Manafort says GOP frontrunner is ready to ‘evolve’ as a candidate


Donald Trump

Has Donald Trump been pulling the wool over the eyes of his supporters? Has everything we’ve seen from him throughout the majority of his campaign been all for show? That perhaps could be the case if you believe a top Trump aide Paul Manafort.

Here’s audio via CNN of Manafort telling Republican National Committee members behind closed doors that his candidate will ‘evolve’ and essentially reshape his image when the general election comes around.

Interesting… considering Trump has been running on the notion of being a political outsider while rallying against the corrupt establishment. Yet one of Trump’s top aides is clearly heard here telling the republican establishment how the GOP frontrunner will change his tune when it matters most in the general election.

How’s this going to sit with his large base of supporters who he largely appealed to because of his anti-establishment and far right rhetoric?

Isn’t the idea of Trump changing his tune once he gained the nomination and not being a ‘real conservative’ the entire argument for the ‘Never Trump’ movement? Isn’t this exactly why the New York Post endorsed him?

Trump seems to be ‘evolving’ into more of a politician everyday. Saying one thing to the public and something totally different behind closed doors.

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