Who appears at the end of the new Justice League trailer?


Justice League

To plenty of fanfare, the new Justice League trailer was released and yes it certainly kicks some major ass as you can see below.

It provided plenty of hype and plenty for comic book and movie nerds alike to chew on as they get another dose of Wonder Woman and Batman while see the big screen versions of Cyborg, The Flash and Aquaman who looks a hell of a lot more cooler than his ink and panel counterpart.

Fans also got a glimpse of some of the latest foes that DC will employ for their next blockbuster installment including the infamous supervillain  Steppenwolf as well as Apokolips.

However what viewers were also left with was quite the cliffhanger at the end of the trailer.

As the Justice League were having their struggles against their new powerful enemies, Alfred was greeted by a mysterious presence (or return) that’ll have fans talking and debating up until the move is released later this year.

So who could this mysterious presence be?

The general consensus is it’ll be Superman who’s referenced plenty of times during the trailer and is a vital piece of the Justice League. Despite being killed at the end of Batman vs. Superman, it’s expected that Superman makes his return at some point, but will it be this next installment?

Probably, but is this another opportunity for DC to throw everyone a curve and not quite introduce Superman back just yet?

Other speculation as to who it could be is a Green Lantern.

Justice League

Evidence of this is suggested in the green reflection in Alfred’s glasses and the mentions of “lanterns” by Steppenwolf earlier on in the trailer.

Green Lantern is another important part of the Justice League and maybe this is another chance for DC to reintroduce the Green Lantern on the big screen to help erase any memory fans had of the previous failure of an attempt several years ago.

Likewise, Alfred’s use of the word “you” could signify that it’s more than just one Green Lantern making an appearance and perhaps a call to a larger corps of Green Lanterns was made.

Finally a bigger twist to all of this is that mystery appearance at the end being more than just the return of Superman.

Some have speculated the Justice League may have already encountered Superman at this point in the film, just not the Man of Steel we’re all use to seeing.

One possible theory dating back to the Dawn of Justice, the possible premise of a dark and evil “Knightmare” and the dirt rising off the Kyptonian’s casket is the evil ruler of Apokolips Darkseid resurrecting Superman in his own image giving fans the bizarro incarnation of the character.

Of course however the Superman would break free of Darkseid’s spell just in time to save his friends and the World from certain doom.

It’s an out of the box theory and sets the foundation for other heroes to at some point be turned. I wouldn’t bet on it happening but it’ll certainly be entertaining.


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