Another look at the North Korean solider who defected to South Korea (VIDEO)


North Korea

Photo: YouTube

One of the big international stories last week was the highly publicized defection by a North Korean solider over the DMZ reaching freedom in the South but only after being shot multiple times by his former DPRK comrades.

Below is another extended version of the video released by the United Nations of that harrowing dash for freedom for the 24-year-old soldier who still remains unidentified.

Since the defection the former North Korean soldier was taken to Seoul where he underwent surgery for his gunshot wounds as well as a number of tape worms that were found within his digestive system. As of today it’s being reported that the 24-year-old was taken off life support and apparently doing better as he continues to recover.

Meanwhile, North Korea has taken steps to try to prevent another embarrassing incident like this from taking place again. First, North Korean workers were seen digging a large trench near the area where the soldier defected. Second, all troops who were present during the defection on the DPRK side along the border have been replaced and could face treason charges as well as torture for their failures to stop the soldier from making it to South Korea.

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