An American Nightmare: Donald Trump is your next President of the United States


Donald Trump

If you thought Wednesday would bring an end to not only the election cycle but Donald Trump being apart of your everyday lives, well the nightmare continues.

Early Wednesday morning, Americans made their decision and that decision was a bigoted over-grown Oompa Loompa who maybe found himself rejected by Mr. Willy Wonka himself will be our next President come January 20th, 2017.

And fuck… I was kinda looking forward to 2017 after the shit storm that was 2016.

Now look I get some of the Trump vote… I do. I get that Hillary Clinton wasn’t popular. I get that people are pissed off about trade deals like NAFTA seemingly screwing over American workers. Hell I live 30 minutes outside the city of Detroit and 45 minutes to an hour away from Flint so I certainly understand the struggles of the American manufacturing worker.

But were our own self interests enough in this case to put a set of blinders on and ignore the rest of Trump’s divisive rhetoric?

Because the way I look at it, this election was about a lot more than just trade deals and Obamacare. It was about the simple fact that Donald Trump’s character is toxic which is apparently okay with a vast amount of the American populous. Perhaps not the majority,

Early Wednesday morning we learned it was in some sense okay to have a belief Mexican’s are rapists and murders.

We learned that it’s okay to believe someone’s race or ethnic background is justification enough to conclude they cannot adequately do their job.

We learned that it’s okay to mock the disabled or a gold star family.

We learned that it’s okay to disparage the military record of an American hero who spent a portion of his life tortured by the Vietcong.

We learned that it’s okay to believe World terrorism can be defeated by some simple phrase.

We learned that it’s okay to call¬†women “fat pigs” and “bimbos”.

We learned that it’s okay to incite violence at your own political rallies or threaten to jail your political opponents.

We learned that it’s okay xenophobic.

We learned that it’s okay to take your own victory lap during a time of national tragedy.

We learned it’s okay to try and take a shit on the first amendment.

We learned that it was okay to single out a female reporter only to have your supporters harass and intimidate her..

We learned that it’s okay to grab a woman by the pussy as long as you’re a ‘star’ and have an adequate amount of Tic-Tacs on hand.

We learned that it’s okay for the President of the United States to be a fascist, bigot, misogynist, racist, pervert because apparently the President of the United States is no longer considered a role model to young children around the country.

And if all that in some sense is not okay with you, then why did you vote for Donald Trump?

But emails people… emails.


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