Over 250 dead, thousands arrested in failed military coup in Turkey



A bloody military coup appears to be over in Turkey as President Tayyip Erdogan government has sustained and will remain in power.

However the numbers are staggering Saturday as an estimated 265 people have been killed with more than 2,800 members of the military have been arrested in what the Turkish government is calling ‘treason’.

The failed coup reportedly began around 10PM local time Friday as certain factions within the Turkish Army claimed that they were seizing power in the name of democracy and would adhere to the current international relations with other countries. In the immediate wake of the temporary takeover, airports were closed, social media was shut down and television and radio broadcasts were halted while martial law was instituted.

According to President Erdogan, an assassination attempt on him was thwarted with a bombing in the Turkish Mediterranean resort town of Marmaris.

Throughout the night and into Saturday morning, military and police forces loyal to the government clashed with coup forces as Parliament and the Presidential Palace in Ankara were reportedly damaged in the fighting.

In further response to the failed coup, 2,745 judges have been relieved of their duties by Turkey’s top judicial body while its assumed Erdogan will take an even more authoritarian stance within the country.

Meanwhile a Turkish military helicopter landed in Greece with some members of the coup leadership seeking asylum. It’s unclear if they’ve been arrested by Greek officials as the Turkish government has called for their return.



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