2005 audio reveals Donald Trump may be a sexual predator


Donald Trump

Friday the Washington Post delivered what may have been the death-blow to the Donald Trump campaign when they released leaked audio from a 2005 hot mic when the former reality star was talking to then Access Hollywood host Billy Bush. During that conversation Trump discussed trying to get in the sack with a married woman while going on to say when you’re a star you “can do anything to a woman” including “grab(ing) them by the pussy”.

Here’s the Donald in his own words:

In response Donald Trump and his campaign released the most asinine and backhanded “apology” only he could:

Hillary Clinton and the rest of the political world of course responded:

So where does this leave us in the Presidential Election which about a month away? First I just have to say that I had to be very careful how I worded Trump’s comments when figuring a title for this write-up. Like much of America I have a nine-to-five that pays the bills and I didn’t want to use Trump’s own words about “grabbing pussy” that could end up getting myself in trouble when it came to my everyday life.

Then I put into context those thoughts. Donald Trump is the GOP Presidential nominee. He’s currently 270 electoral votes away from being the most powerful person in the free world. Whether you want to forgive him under some religious guideline fine, by all means do that. However this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton or the “liberal media”. This is all about Donald Trump and the simple, reaffirmed fact that Donald J. Trump is unfit and cannot be President of the United States.

And like all of the continued evidence that Donald Trump is bigot, here’s more evidence that the GOP presidential nominee is not only a misogynistic pig he may also be a sexual predator.

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