CNN will hear the Fake News bit on this one and they probably shouldn’t



Amid the screams of fake news and Donald Trump picking and choosing what he likes out of the Washington Post to run with, CNN is going to get killed for this one and they probably shouldn’t.

Monday, three CNN editorial staffers resigned after the news outlet published a Russia related Trump story connecting U.S. businessman and entrepreneur  to the investigation. The article proved to be wrong, it was removed and reporter Thomas Frank, editor Eric Lichtblau and CNN Investigates executive editor Lex Haris all left the network. 

CNN also released the following statement from their editorial staff:

Meanwhile Mr. Scaramucci is willing to forgive and move on:

Trump supporters and I’m sure Trump himself won’t let CNN live this one down too soon as they continue to peddle the fake news narrative. This all despite the network identifying a story that was in fact wrong, retracting and apologizing.

Essentially shit like this is going to happen.

Plus not only was the story retracted the journalist left the company or were fired. Either way they’re not there anymore. Which is more than what can be said on the Fox News side of things as Sean Hannity is slowly beginning to push that Seth Rich conspiracy theory once again.

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